Smart Start™

These classes are the best of the best for the early years — an experience any child will truly love. Taught by leading experts in advanced early childhood music methodologies such as Orff, Kodály, and Dalcroze, these classes bring to a child proven music learning methods designed with the latest research in early childhood development in mind. Set the stage for increased confidence, creativity, and self-expression, while giving a child a head start academically. 

  • Classes use movement, singing, and instruments to explore basic musical concepts such as tempo, rhythm, dynamics, phrasing, form, notation, and melody.
  • Segmented by age group, the program’s lessons are specifically targeted to address a child’s developmental needs with classes that relate to his or her natural world through musical games, singing, and improvisation.
  • As a child’s skills increase, activities become more challenging and complex than the year before, incorporating additional development in areas including teamwork, leadership, and spatial reasoning.

Here is what our parents say about Smart Start™:

"I love the way the teacher sings, and acts and keeps the kids interested, which is hard considering they're two years old. I love the fact they learn many other things through music — for example, counting, colours, shapes, etc. LOVE IT!"  (Sandra T.)

"We cannot speak highly enough of the program and quality of instruction...The explorative, varied, highly engaging and play-based activities through which key concepts such as steady beat, rhythm, and song are introduced is bang-on for these age groups. When we ask our son what he enjoyed about class, he often says 'everything'." (J.D.)

Browse Smart Start™ class times and course descriptions here.

Directions to Smart Start classes at the Telus Centre and Glenview/Lawrence park can be found here.

Learn to Play Digital Piano Classes: Group piano classes for children ages 5 to 10

Parents attend these classes with their child, and will sit at the piano to learn alongside their child. These classes are a great introduction for young students to learn an instrument. While developing fundamental musicianship and piano skills, the student is able to learn in a relaxed, fun, and creative group setting. Browse class times and course descriptions here.

Choirs: Group choral classes for children ages 7 to 13

The Royal Conservatory School's choirs for children and youth provide a full year of exciting activity, emphasizing well-rounded musical development through singing unison and simple two- and three-part pieces. Young singers will learn the rudiments of choral singing and will be exposed to exceptional vocal training through fun, interactive exercises and activities. Browse class times and course descriptions here.

Orchestras: Group string classes for children ages 6 and up

Anyone may audition to join a Royal Conservatory School orchestra. Students advance through the orchestras while developing the team playing, social skills, and ensemble discipline. A wonderful complement to private lessons, Royal Conservatory School orchestras strive to nurture a love of music, foster respect for self and for others, and encourage a sense of fun and pleasure in making music. Browse class times and course descriptions here.

Kids Jam Band

These small ensemble classes are a great way for young students to gain experience playing with others. While developing skills as a musician, students learn to express themselves creatively through their instrument in a relaxed and fun group setting. Browse class times and course descriptions here.

Classes are strategically designed to enhance a child’s cognitive and social development through music.