Investing in Digital Education

The Royal Conservatory is developing a new digital strategy based on the creation of online music education courses, teacher certification programs, and an early childhood education curriculum for children up to six years old. The Conservatory is pursuing these new digital initiatives to enhance its existing music education programs, bringing music theory and history to children in their early years while also encouraging adult learners to reconnect with their music practice.

Over the coming five years, The Royal Conservatory will invest in:

Early Childhood Education

  • Videos designed to instill basic musical awareness
  • Interactive educational apps for children up to the age of six to help develop musical skills (e.g. rhythmic skills and pitch awareness)

Online Music Education

  • Online courses in music theory and history for students participating in the Royal Conservatory curriculum or simply interested in music appreciation
  • Online examinations in music theory and history

Teacher Certification

  • Blended online and in-person training and certification for studio music teachers in the most effective use of the Royal Conservatory curriculum to maximize student engagement and success
  • Click here for more information about our current teacher certification programs

For more information, please contact  Sarah Irwin, Vice President, E-Learning