LTTA Artist Biographies
Artist Photo Artist Name Region Primary Artistic Discipline(s) Artist Quote
Ciara Adams Toronto, ON Music "Helping people to express themselves and collaborate creatively are key components to all of my work."
Jim Adams Toronto, ON Spoken Word “Everything we need we have been given. We need to only open ourselves to the possibilities that abound in order to achieve what was previously thought as the impossible."
Eleanor Albanese Thunder Bay, ON Drama "In all of my work, I hope to inspire others to find and explore their own creative potential."
Sherry Aldrich Thunder Bay, ON Music "I provide instruction and encouragement to the students facilitating exploration of singing, interpretive movement, and the use of a variety of instruments."
Nicole Arends Toronto, ON Drama “I believe that with Masks, we can enter into magic, create from a place of pure potentiality, and explore what it is to be human.”
Nicole Armstrong Thunder Bay, ON Dance/Creative Movement "I take a strengths-based approach when working with children. I focus on accessibility and promote self-esteem as I help students understand and connect with how they move."
Leslie Ashton Toronto, ON
Visual Arts
"Art is a way for us to share our stories and speak to each other about what really matters."
Lauren Best Toronto, ON Music "The arts have deeply enriched both my personal and professional life, and I am passionate about offering others multifaceted opportunities to experience the power of arts education."
Caitlin Bodewitz Edmonton, AB Visual Arts "I believe in creating an environment of experiential learning and working as a collective whole."
Joanne Books Thunder Bay, ON Visual Arts "I use my skills and passion for making art to encourage others to tap into their own intuitive, creative selves."
Rodney Brown Thunder Bay, ON Music "I provide a warm, caring environment for all students to discover the joys of making music together."
Anne Brule Sudbury/North Bay/Manitoulin, ON Drama "Art can be experienced anywhere with even the least amount of special tools. I meet individuals where they are comfortable and I journey with them."
Elizabeth Buset Thunder Bay, ON Visual Arts "I am passionate about art education because I believe the arts are essential to developing open-minded, optimistic and empathetic world citizens."
Pam Cain Thunder Bay, ON Visual Arts "The creation of art creates identity and connects us to the community."
Sherry Campeau Windsor, ON Visual Arts "In augmenting an inclusive environment, I believe that Art is a unique vehicle to engage all levels of learning."
Christine Charette Sudbury/North Bay/Manitoulin, ON
Visual Arts
“I recognize the endless conception of human possibility and I aim to inspire the full potential for creative expression in others."
Nancy Ciccone Toronto, ON Visual Arts "I strive to empower students with the confidence and freedom to tap into their imaginations and express their unique ideas through the creative process of visual art."
Ellen Close Calgary, AB Drama “I am passionate about harnessing the power of theatre to unlock self-expression, understanding and joy.”
Lisa Karen Cox Toronto, ON Drama "I strive to make my classes fun, challenging and positively honest."
Nancy DaPonte Toronto, ON Music "I love to encourage participants to be themselves and have fun as they discover the exciting world of song writing."
Amanda Davis Toronto, ON Dance/Creative Movement "I believe that everyone moves to their own unique and beautiful rhythm. Every movement we do has the potential to be dance."
Heather Dick Toronto, ON Drama "Creating a safe, open and respectful environment in which participants feel free to explore new avenues and to take creative risks is at the heart of my teaching."
Sara Dickinson Niagara Region, ON Drama “It is an absolute joy to be able to do what I do.”
Julian Diego Toronto, ON Visual Arts "Keep Growing!"
Zach Dougall Windsor, ON Drama "I believe that drama is an invaluable tool for exploring physical, social, and critical literacies."
Keesic Douglas Toronto, ON Photography "My primary goal is to teach learners a tool that helps them express their ideas and share them with the world."
Elliott Doxtater-Wynn Thunder Bay, ON Visual Arts "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamer of dreams."
Keri-Lyn Durant Thunder Bay, ON
Spoken Word
“Drama, in whatever form, is at its most effective as a tool and/or process; within applied drama, therefore, the educational possibilities are boundless.” FRANCAIS: "L’art dramatique est plus efficace comme un outil et/ou un processus; par conséquent dans l’art dramatique appliqué, les possibilités d'éducation sont illimitées."
Suzi Dwor Niagara Region, ON Visual Arts "My students describe me as extremely creative, knowledgeable, intuitive and energetic. I provide an environment that is safe and comfortable to explore one’s inner playful artist."
Terry Egan Thunder Bay, ON Music "My workshops, performances and presentations are adaptable to a variety of interests and age groups."
Rebecca Ellison Calgary, AB Visual Arts "I believe that EVERYONE has something to share artistically... sometimes just a little encouragement is all that is needed!"
Victoria Fenner Niagara Region, ON Media Arts "I believe that story and sound based art can be a powerful tool to bring about personal and social change, and to help people connect with their world."
Moira Ferguson Niagara Region, ON Visual Arts "The joy of painting has been a gift I enjoy sharing with others. We are all creative souls.”
Melanie Fernandez-Alvares Toronto, ON Drama "I believe that each person has within them this incredible uniqueness that only he/she can share."
Blaire Flynn Sudbury/North Bay/Manitoulin, ON Visual Arts "I enjoy creating an open, respectful environment, and I welcome participants to explore mediums, experiment and express themselves."
Nicole Fougere Toronto, ON Dance/Creative Movement "The ARTS are EMPATHY in ACTION."
Nylda Gallardo-Lopez Toronto, ON Dance/Creative Movement “Art is not something you do, it is something you live. Dance and hip-hop has saved my life, and I only wish to share that energy with anyone who will accept it."
Jamie Gerow Thunder Bay, ON Music "I love using found instruments, simply constructed instruments and available instruments to generate music."
Jim Gillies Thunder Bay, ON Music "I like to guide the students in exploring thoughts, images and feelings through the hearing of musical sounds from found objects and acquired instruments."
Rufus Glassco Toronto, ON Music "I am passionate in my belief that we all have rhythm, and I help empower people to discover and develop their rhythmic abilities in a safe and respectful environment. I am also passionate about the ability of drum circles to heal, to create community, rejuvenate teams, and help people learn to be more expressive."
Kym Graham Calgary, AB Visual Arts "I am deeply inspired by nature, energy and community and I believe in the value of all beings."
Lida Greenaway Niagara Region, ON Drama "I am totally dedicated to working with both children and adults in the community and believe that in order to learn, there must be an element of fun. I have discovered the secret of sharing and bringing joy to the participants."
Len Greenaway Niagara Region, ON Drama "People matter, the Arts matter, Learning matters - and when you bring the three together, it really can change people's lives."
Holly Haggarty Thunder Bay, ON Drama "I follow a creative arts pedagogy when facilitating workshops that is active and interactive, encouraging multiple learning styles and includes activities involving imagination and reflection."
Jennifer Hicks Toronto, ON Dance/Creative Movement "I believe that everyone has a dancer within, that movement is healing and that, together with music, movement can create magical experiences."
Val Hilliker and Kelly Bundt Calgary, AB Puppetry "Laugh or get a refund.”
Natalie Hotson Thunder Bay, ON Visual Arts "I strive to engage participants in a creative learning experience and to pass on my passion for art and learning."
Carlie Howell Toronto, ON Music "Creativity, Communication, Community. These are the 3 pillars of my teaching practice."
Deanne Hupfield Toronto, ON Dance/Creative Movement "Boozhoo, Nanookausi nindiizhnikaaz. It is my life’s goal to empower Indigenous and non-Indigenous people through education about Aboriginal issues."
Ellen Jaffe
Toronto, ON
Niagara Region, ON
Creative Writing "As writing is a personal art, I want to allow people a wide choice in content and meaning, while giving them structures and tools that can increase, not limit, their creativity and personal language."
Derek Khani Thunder Bay, ON Visual Arts "I am an advocate of personal and academic development through visual literacy, music and the practice of mindfulness."
April Ashley Killins Edmonton, AB
Media Arts
"When we create the work together, and see that our ideas are incorporated, we are all passionate about the process and the results."
Eveline Kolijn Calgary, AB Visual Arts “The greatest art of all is life itself.”
Suzanne Konyha Windsor, ON Visual Arts "Art has the ability to inspire, motivate, and empower every individual. By sharing my passion, skill, and knowledge, I strive to foster the creative potential of all participants in an open and respectful environment."
Taya Kozak-Goebel Toronto, ON Visual Arts "My pleasure is to show EVERYONE that they can be creative."
Mariana Lafrance Sudbury/North Bay/Manitoulin, ON Visual Arts "It’s all about creativity! I love using different learning modalities to quiet the thinking brain and activate whole-body creativity."
Ted Lamont Windsor, ON Music "I encourage participants to express ideas musically that they could not perhaps otherwise get in touch with."
Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster Toronto, ON Drama "I believe that creative expression builds confidence, empathy and understanding. Creativity leads us to connect to each other and drives us to make positive change in the world."
Melissa Larkin Hastings Prince Edward County, ON Music "I strive to create a safe and respectful creative environment that encourages others to grow and to push through limiting perceptions by opening to the world of art."
Jaymie Lathem Sudbury/North Bay/Manitoulin, ON Visual Arts Art isn’t always about the end result – it’s the journey of the production and the mistakes you make along the way that teach you the most.
Nicole LeBoutillier Calgary, AB Visual Arts "I like to break down pre-conceived ideas about what visual art should be."
Marie-Josee Lefebvre Toronto, ON Drama "I believe that every student is an artist and has something valuable to share."
Mel Legarde Thunder Bay, ON "Ignore the ‘I can not’ and follow the ‘I will’."
Fritz Lehmberg Thunder Bay, ON Visual Arts "I believe that clay work is one of the oldest art forms in civilization and that it is valuable to expose this tradition to every generation."
Diana Lidemark Thunder Bay, ON Visual Arts "Traditional beadwork is more than the symbols coming together to lay out a story to be interpreted by another. Beadwork is also about the memory of the piece, it has history in the world around it. There are also significant transformative moments that come together to help an artist create. Beadwork carries all of that past with it."
Linda Lord Windsor, ON Creative Writing "I enjoy creating a safe place of exploration where individuals can cultivate their creativity through writing and drama."
Liz Lott Sudbury/North Bay/Manitoulin, ON
Visual Arts
"I seek to give participants fresh, new and exciting experiences with art materials while simultaneously being responsive to the participants' needs and goals."
Kelly MacDonald Niagara Region, ON Music "A creative experience comes when the spirit is ready, and I prepare myself to look for these subtleties when they arrive."
Shelley MacDonald Lower Mainland, BC Drama “I believe in taking risks and encouraging others to do so creatively!”
John Mackett Thunder Bay, ON Visual Arts "I love working with students to make the LTTA experience successful as a team."
Val MacMenemey Sudbury/North Bay/Manitoulin, ON
Creative Writing
Spoken Word
"All learning is a possibility. Here, in the north, are possibilities to imagine, create, reflect, to grow as an individual and become an integral part of a community."
Elizabeth Madronich Niagara Region, ON Visual Arts "As an Artist-Facilitator, I strive to create a positive, enthusiastic and non-intimidating environment in which every individual’s unique artistic abilities can be cultivated and expressed."
Jean Marshall Thunder Bay, ON Visual Arts "I am a Visual Artist with a passionate knowledge of beading and various First Nations art forms."
Erica May Toronto, ON Drama "I believe in empowerment through development of creative expression and voice around issues that are meaningful and relevant to participants."
Karen McClellan Windsor, ON Music "Experiences in the arts offer so many rewards and lasting benefits. Sharing artistic skills, tools and processes with others enhances learning and builds wonderful community, often with surprising and delightful results!"
Daphne McCormack Toronto, ON Visual Arts "I believe in providing the students or clients with an informative background on the artistic technique, a careful instruction on the use of the medium and enough encouragement and kindness to complete the process in a way that is satisfactory to the individual."
Suzanne McCrae Sudbury/North Bay/Manitoulin, ON Visual Arts "I conduct workshops in a positive learning environment, connecting with participants and inspiring creativity and experimentation through the language of visual art and by encouraging dialogue and critical thinking."
Ann McDougall Toronto, ON Drama "I believe passionately that all people are creators, and that artistic self-expression is a crucial part of personal growth."
Debra McEachern-Burton Niagara Region, ON Visual Arts "I am interested in empowering and enabling people to open their potential to new possibilities."
Katie Mecher-Williams Windsor, ON Dance/Creative Movement "I believe dance and movement can enrich all our lives in numerous ways. From the healthy aspect of its physicality to giving voice to which there are no words, from its purity in celebration to connecting us as human beings, Dance ROCKS!"
Catherine Mellinger Toronto, ON Visual Arts "I find a thrill in helping people achieve a goal they never thought possible all while exploring new skills, not only in artistry but also in life. The tasks they accomplish on the road to creating a piece for an exhibit are a microform of skills they can use to achieve what they dream of in life."
Kyra Millan Toronto, ON Music "I believe everyone has the right to learn how to use their voice and reveal themselves freely. Voices are like presents that once opened, allow a true connection to the person, their emotions, and their unique energy."
Rachel Mishenene Thunder Bay, ON Visual Arts "Sharing stories through art."
Rick Monaco Toronto, ON Music "We all love to be creative. The genuine passion that I have for my art form helps generate an exciting and safe environment that encourages full participation."
Gayle Myke Niagara Region, ON Dance/Creative Movement "Express your Brilliance beyond the material world and BE the Creative Space for Change!"
Debbie Nicholls-Skerritt Toronto, ON Dance/Creative Movement Move and Be Moved…. Move and Move People!!!!!
Crystal Nielsen Thunder Bay, ON Visual Arts "I believe that each person is naturally an artist."
Deborah Nolan Toronto, ON Visual Arts "The goal of my workshops is to spark the creative force within. I encourage participants to explore their identity and find their own authentic voice and spiritual well-being."
Cathy Nosaty Toronto, ON Music "EVERYONE is creative and music is embraced in all cultures by people of all ages. I love to create music and sound collaboratively and to celebrate our creations with our peers, friends, families and communities."
Michael O'Connell Toronto, ON Music "My approach in any community is to engage the talents, interests and needs of each individual. The inclusion of each member brings about their ownership over the creative process."
Laurel Oger Thunder Bay, ON Music "I believe that individuals learn best when they construct their own understandings of the subject matter."
Claudia Otto Thunder Bay, ON Dance/Creative Movement "I work with an open and inclusive spirit believing in the importance of the Arts in the development of the human body, mind and spirit."
Julia Pal Toronto, ON Drama "I enjoy creating an environment that inspires laughter, thoughtful reflection, and cooperative learning where all students can be actively engaged and involved."
Louise Paquette Windsor, ON Dance/Creative Movement "I love to create a comfortable environment where individuals are able to develop dance skills as well as exploring and expressing their own ideas physically."
Jennifer Peebles Edmonton, AB Drama "Everyone has a gift to give the world."
Angela Gail Pepin Sudbury/North Bay/Manitoulin, ON Dance/Creative Movement ...5,6,7,8; Leap – point - tango – turn; Share – create – present & learn!
Melanie Persia Niagara Region, ON Visual Arts "I love the creative process enjoyed by the students."
Patricia Phelan Toronto, ON Visual Arts "I passionately believe that handwork brings hope and healing and that textile traditions offer a unique medium to foster connections between people, cultures and generations."
Carrie Phillips Kieser Calgary, AB Visual Arts "For me, having a successful session means the children are fully engaged and having fun to the point where they no longer feel that they are being “taught” but that they are simply caught in the process of making and creating and being a part of something big."
Eden Philp Lower Mainland, BC Drama "I am passionate about arts integrated learning!"
Andrea Piller
Toronto, ON
Hastings Prince Edward County, ON
Visual Arts "I believe that learning is essential to all of us, making connections to the world, courageously creating on a personal level and challenging the imagination."
Jennifer Polo Toronto, ON Visual Arts "I believe that we all have creative potential and if you have a supportive teacher you can do anything."
Kassandra Prus Toronto, ON
Dance/Creative Movement
“I create spaces for people to fuel their self-activated healing process by connecting them with their body, their emotions, their strengths, their environment, their community, their heritage, and with beauty.”
Laurie Pye Niagara Region, ON Visual Arts “I have always felt that the most memorable and enjoyable learning for me was when my teachers encouraged me to use art as an expression of my understanding. Through LTTA I can “pay it forward”, by helping to create a comfort in lesson plans for today’s curriculum that use art as often and as effectively as possible.”
Ayesha Raggi Thunder Bay, ON Visual Arts "I believe that an Artist-Educator should always approach any curriculum with the same passion that he/she approaches his/her own personal art work."
Cass Reimer Toronto, ON Visual Arts "The arts bring the curriculum to life!"
Ryder Richards Calgary, AB Visual Arts "I derive much of my joy and inspiration from teaching and collaborating with children and adults."
Matthew Romain Windsor, ON Puppetry "The puppet is alive because you, the audience, will it to be."
Patricia Roy Thunder Bay, ON Visual Arts "Life is art."
Edward Sajna Thunder Bay, ON Visual Arts "I foster investigations in an open and collaborative environment for teachers and students."
John Scully Toronto, ON Media Arts “I believe that everyone has the potential to creatively express themselves and to share their voice. By creating a safe and supportive learning environment, I make a space for those voices to be heard.”
Michelle Silagy Toronto, ON Dance/Creative Movement "I love witnessing the profoundly provocative and joyful impact that art and culture has on youth and humanity on a daily basis."
Jeff Stewart Sudbury/North Bay/Manitoulin, ON Music "My goal is to spread the spirit of life through music. Everyone has a heartbeat and a sense of rhythm. Since the beginning of time people have come together as a community to celebrate life through community music."
Rachel Stewart Toronto, ON Music "It's always exciting to see how students learn differently using music as a medium and how sometimes you get the most creative moments from the most unexpected person!"
Mary Stokes Sudbury/North Bay/Manitoulin, ON Music "I tailor materials and activities to the abilities, interests and life experiences of the participants. They are engaged by singing and playing as well as group involvement through physical movement and rhythm instruments."
The Real Sun Toronto, ON Spoken Word “Digging deeper to uncover hidden truths.”
Heather Thoma Sudbury/North Bay/Manitoulin, ON Visual Arts "I encourage exploration and engagement and I invite discovery of growth in participants as they begin to see growth in the world."
Pandora Topp Sudbury/North Bay/Manitoulin, ON Music "I walk into a session with no assumptions and am always touched by what transpires when individuals discover, collaborate, create and celebrate together."
Margot van Lindenberg Calgary, AB Visual Arts "By drawing on the uniqueness and creative ability of every person, I create an environment that increases self-confidence in the student."
Karin Vermeer Niagara Region, ON Horticulture Arts "I like bringing a confident, happy approach to my clients and participants, and I create an environment that is safe, welcoming, and nurturing."
Jason Wellwood Thunder Bay, ON Media Arts "Learning that it’s okay to be yourself ‘on air’ helps people to see that their story is important and they should be able to tell it themselves."
Paula Wing Toronto, ON Drama "My work is built on a model of inclusion, safety and a positive, buoyant learning environment."
Kelly Wolf Niagara Region, ON
Visual Arts
"In my own design practice, I enjoy the investigation into a topic that each new project brings."
Paula Wolfson Toronto, ON Music "Music is the key to the opening of doors and breaking down of walls we didn’t even know were there. The universal language of release and personal expression, I want to help you speak it!"
Heather Wood Niagara Region, ON Visual Arts "I enjoy igniting the creative spirit in individuals and am adept at designing unique approaches that are meaningful for the groups that I work with."
Rita Zavagnin Thunder Bay, ON Drama "When learners are in control of their personal creative goals, they develop a deeper understanding of their inner self and are better able to transfer creative inquiry and problem solving capacity to the rest of their lives and learning."
Abby Zotz Toronto, ON Music "I love to engage and connect participants to themselves and their community in a passionate and fun-loving way."