Learning Through the Arts (LTTA) – the groundbreaking suite of educational programs from the Royal Conservatory – has grown to become one of the most extensive and well respected arts-based school initiatives in the world.

LTTA brings specially-trained Artist-Educators into schools to partner with teachers in creating and delivering lessons that make learning the core curriculum exciting, engaging and relevant to young learners.  For example, over 20,000 students every year are learning math through dance, history through storytelling, and science through the visual arts.

LTTA offers schools a comprehensive program delivery package that includes professional development, in-class facilitation, curriculum integration, student assessment, program evaluation, and managerial expertise. In addition, high-calibre professional development for teachers, artists, principals and administrators sits at the core of the LTTA philosophy, ensuring ongoing excellence and effectiveness in delivering arts-based teaching and learning. 

For more information about LTTA and how we positively impact teaching and learning, call us at 1.888.408.LTTA (5882) or send an e-mail to lttainformation@rcmusic.ca.

The Core Program

Literacy, numeracy and other curricula come alive for students with the Learning Through the Arts Core Program.  Students dance, sing, paint, sculpt, drum, act, write, move and create their way through these engaging and relevant lessons.  LTTA Artist-Educators partner with Teachers to create custom-made arts-integrated lessons.

Explore any art form to teach the core curriculum; includes lesson and partnership planning sessions plus 4 in-class Artist sessions - $800 per term

Media Literacy Program

LTTA media Artist-Educators guide students and teachers through challenging explorations using technology and media as tools for learning, engagement, expression, and the development of critical thinking skills.  Using digital technology through an artistic lens, students become the creators and not just the consumers of multimedia texts.

Leverage digital technology to teach the media literacy curriculum; includes 5 in-class Artist sessions and 1 teacher technical workshop - $900 per term

Media Arts Project (MAP)

Students explore curriculum using digital technology and media as tools for learning, engagement and expression.  Using multimedia presentations, video, digital photography, image manipulation and more, students are actively and creatively engaged in the realities of their everyday media environment to learn language arts, math, social studies and other core curricula.

Use multi-media technologies to teach the core curriculum; includes 4 in-class Artist sessions and 1 teacher technical workshop - $850 per term

Music Champion Program

Harness the power of music to teach math, science, and language arts while inspiring a deeper love and understanding of the craft behind music making.  The Music Champion Program leverages the Royal Conservatory’s long-standing tradition of excellence in music education and performance over a three-year program commitment to generate sustained impact

Make music and performance a key part of teaching the core curriculum; Commit to two terms per year, 4 in-class sessions per term, paired with 2 full-day teacher professional development workshops; includes in-school concert and Music Champion Celebration; subsidized cost to school - $600 per class (minimum of 4 classes per  school to maximum of 10 classes per school.)

Youth Empowerment Program

Learning Through the Arts’ Youth Empowerment Program engages students in Grades 7-12 who are finding school challenging and are at risk of dropping out. By infusing the arts into their learning environment, YEP engages youth and empowers them to feel capable, motivated, and successful in their studies, readying them to take the next step forward in life.

Employ arts-infused lessons that incorporate a variety of arts forms including new media; 8 or 10 in-class sessions - $1,600 - $2,000 per term (subsidies are available)


Let’s chat about how LTTA can help you meet your goals! For more information on these exciting program options, please call us at 1.888.408.LTTA (5882) or email us at lttainformation@rcmusic.ca.



LTTA artists work in partnership with teachers to develop and deliver customized arts-infused lesson plans.