Benefits of the Certificate Program

A comprehensive, structured music program provides the most effective approach to the study of music.

The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program is considered the preeminent music education system. 

  • The Royal Conservatory’s program provides a clear path for well-rounded musical training, and a consistent and meaningful structure for recognizing achievement, and rewarding excellence. 
  • The program motivates students, helps them set and achieve goals, and instills a sense of accomplishment as they complete each level. 
  • The Royal Conservatory’s internationally renowned standard of assessment develops complete musicianship by including technical tests, etudes, repertoire, ear tests and sight reading in each practical examination. 
  • The program accelerates the development of musical literacy, increases understanding of the vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of the musical language, and encourages an enriched understanding of stylistic and structural awareness.
  • The skills that students acquire through The Certificate Program will help them attain a level of proficiency that will give them the tools they need to learn music independently, leading to a lifelong enjoyment of music. 
  • The classical training provided by The Royal Conservatory system of study and assessment provides the strongest possible foundation upon which to continue a student’s musical journey.

Formal assessment is an important part of the learning process, and Royal Conservatory examinations provide a national standard for students, parents and teachers to track and measure progress and achievements, both individually and with peers, encouraging the continued pursuit of excellence. 

  • Preparing for and successfully completing an examination to earn a Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate builds self-confidence and helps students develop a sense of pride.  Each level of The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program is a logical assessment point for students in the development of their musicianship skills. At the end of each of level, a Certificate of Achievement can be earned.
  • Preparing for a Royal Conservatory examination provides students with an established goal to work towards.  Students who participate in examinations tend to become more dedicated to their instrument and practice more often. 
  • Royal Conservatory examinations provide a high quality third-party assessment that includes detailed feedback and constructive comments from the Examiner.  The RCM's rigorous Examiner training and apprenticeship, with ongoing quality assurance, ensures equality for all students, no matter where they are located.  This feedback can be very valuable to students and their teachers to help further develop the student’s skills in future lessons.
  • Preparing for and successfully completing an examination to earn a Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate builds self-confidence and helps students develop a sense of pride.
  • Royal Conservatory examinations are recognized for high school credit in many school systems across Canada.  Achievement in the Certificate Program of RCM examinations is also considered an important element in entrance requirements for professional music programs at many universities and colleges across North America, and Royal Conservatory examinations provide great preparation for auditions.
  • Regardless of a student’s chosen career path, achievement in The Royal Conservatory's examinations is an impressive addition to any résumé.  In addition to demonstrating musical accomplishments, it is indicative of a student's creativity, willingness to learn, ability to set both short- and long-term goals, and a commitment to achieving challenging tasks.

Join the growing community of teachers, students, and families who are discovering the benefits of The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program as it enriches their lives.  For more information about The Certificate Program or how to get started, please contact us at or toll free at 1-800-461-6058.

Certificate Program Benefits

  • Musical creativity, artistry, personal expression, and a love of music are cultivated and fostered in the program
  • Provides a clear, leveled system that includes objective goal-setting as part of music study
  • Encourages students at all levels to pursue excellence
  • Recognizes musical achievement
  • Supports complete musical literacy
  • Adaptable to all students regardless of instrument, age, level, or ability
  • High School Accreditation - achievement in Royal  Conservatory examinations is recognized for high school credits in Canada
  • Recognized by international music schools, universities and colleges, orchestras, and ensembles