The Royal Conservatory School in Toronto
Wide Open House at the Royal Conservatory School

FREE CONCERT! Come down to our courtyard (273 Bloor Street West) on Thursday, August 10 at noon and enjoy a free concert by Canada's premiere vocal group, Cadence!

Love to sing? Join us for A Cappella Bootcamp (teens and adults) with Cadence or Summer Voice Camp (children)

FREE Smart Start: Trial classes take place on Saturday, August 26. RSVP Now.

Summer Camp  at the Royal Conservatory School
Music Classes for Children & Youth in Toronto
Early Years Music Education - Smart Start - babies toddlers Toronto
Early Childhood Music Education
Birth – 6 Years
Royal Conservatory School early childhood education begins with our signature Smart Start™ curriculum.


Music Lessons for Children
3 – 18 Years
Steeped in our 130-year Canadian history of music education, the Royal Conservatory School offers a unique, comprehensive learning experience for young musicians.
Band Enrichment Program at The Royal Conservatory School in Toronto
Band Classes and Lessons
9 – 18 Years
Royal Conservatory School's Band Enrichment Program (BEP) is an exciting, one-of-a-kind program for elementary and middle-school children. Choose from a variety of instruments.
Group Music Classes for Children in Toronto - music lessons
4 – 18 Years
The Royal Conservatory School offers a variety of group and ensemble options for students at various levels of learning.
Group Classes
4 – 9 Years
Our Learn to Play classes are the perfect starting point for young beginners. Learn the fundamentals of playing a musical instrument in a low-pressure group setting.
Music Classes for Adults in Toronto
Music Lessons for Adults in Toronto
Music Lessons for Adults
18+ Years
All adult students are welcome, regardless of musical background, skill level, or artistic goal. Learn in one-on-one music lessons, or join a group class and learn to play in a more relaxed environment.
Music Appreciation Classes in Toronto
Music Appreciation Classes
Music Appreciation
18+ Years
Music Appreciation at RCS delivers a rich and engaging experience for all music lovers. Whether you are new to music or a seasoned aficionado and concertgoer, our courses will enhance your experience and understanding of music.
Music Theory and Music History Classes in Toronto
Theory & History
Studying music theory and history is integral to developing well-rounded musicianship. Supported by The Royal Conservatory’s new Celebrate Theory curriculum, students acquire musical literacy, harmony and composition skills, and historical context for the music they play at every level of study. 
Music Teacher Education at the Royal Conservatory School in Toronto
Teacher Training & Professional Development
Professional Development​
Our teacher professional development options include ongoing training opportunities as well as official certification in internationally recognized methods such as Kodály, Orff, and Suzuki. We also offer our own Diploma program in Early Childhood Music Education.