Learn to Play Digital Piano Classes: Group piano classes for children ages 5 to 11

Parents attend these classes with their child, and will sit at the piano to learn alongside their child. These classes are a great introduction for young students to learn an instrument. While developing fundamental musicianship and piano skills, the student is able to learn in a relaxed, fun, and creative group setting.

Children's Choirs: Group choral classes for children ages 4 to 13

The Royal Conservatory School's choirs for children and youth provide a full year of exciting activity, emphasizing well-rounded musical development through singing unison and simple two- and three-part pieces. Young singers will learn the rudiments of choral singing and will be exposed to exceptional vocal training through fun, interactive exercises and activities. Children's Choirs are also part of our integrated Music Enrichment Program.
Learn more about the courses and find class times, schedules and fees at the links below:
Let's Sing! (Ages 4-5)
Royal Conservatory School  Elementary Choir (ages 6–8)
Royal Conservatory School Children’s  Choir (ages 9–12) (accepting registrations for Jan 2017!)

RCS Music Champion Singers (ages 13 – 18)

The Music Champion Singers, led by vocal instructor Joy Reeve, is an elite small vocal ensemble that focuses on contemporary popular and jazz music. The collaborative nature of the group encourages input from members including repertoire suggestions and arrangements. Selections are mostly a capella and in four-part harmony. Singers are required to audition. The RCS Music Champion Singers is also part of our integrated Music Enrichment Program.
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Orchestra & String Ensembles: Group string classes for children ages 6 and up

Royal Conservatory School Orchestras strive to nurture a love of music, to foster respect for self and for others, and to encourage a sense of fun and pleasure in making music. Students are placed in the appropriate Orchestra through a placement audition. Each Orchestra is open to violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Weekly Orchestra schedule includes: 26 weekly rehearsals, 2 dress rehearsals, and 2 concerts per season. String Orchestras are also part of our integrated Music Enrichment Program.
RCS Preparatory Orchestra (Requirements: RCM Levels 1 –2, Suzuki Books 1 to early Book 3.)
RCS Concert Orchestra (Requirements: RCM Levels 3–5, Suzuki Books 3–5.)
RCS Chamber Orchestra (Requirements: RCM Levels 6 and up, Suzuki Books 6–10.)*
Small Ensemble: RCS Violin Troupe (Open to violinists from RCME grades 6+ or Suzuki book 6+.)
Chamber Ensembles: Strings and Piano (by audition)
Chamber Ensembles: Winds and Brass (by audition)

*Students should have at least 2 year’s playing experience in an orchestra with one year minimum in the RCS Concert Orchestra or equivalent to be assessed by placement audition.*

Learn to Play Double Bass
These courses count as electives towards the Music Enrichment Program Plus
Level 1 (7  –12 yrs)
Level 1 (13 - 17yrs)

Learn to Play Flute
This course counts as an elective towards the Music Enrichment Program Plus<
Level 1 (4 –7yrs)

Learn to Play Guitar
These courses count as electives towards the Music Enrichment Program Plus
Level 1 (5 –6yrs)
Level 1 (7 –9yrs)

Learn to Play Percussion
These courses count as electives towards the Music Enrichment Program Plus
Level 1 (5 –6yrs)
Level 1 (7 –9yrs)

Kids Jam Band

This small ensemble class is a great way for young students to gain experience playing with others. While developing skills as musicians, students learn to express themselves creatively through their instrument in a relaxed and fun group setting. 
Call us at 416.408.2825 or email conservatoryschool@rcmusic.ca to register.

Classes are strategically designed to enhance a child’s cognitive and social development through music.