The Royal Conservatory School offers a wide range of pedagogy related instruction options. Whether you are just starting your career as a piano teacher or looking to refine your skills, The Royal Conservatory School offers something to suit your needs.

What we offer:

Private Lessons in Piano Pedagogy
Our outstanding faculty members provide attentive and personalized instruction. To learn more about our faculty click here.

Collaborative Piano
Advanced pianists will find ample opportunity to explore and learn vocal and instrumental music that incorporates piano. Participants will receive hands-on experience learning the skills that turn a pianist into a well-rounded and valued partner who will excel in both the rehearsal room and the concert hall. Not available in 2015-16.

Piano Pedagogy Certificate Program
Designed for both experienced and novice teachers, this three-level certificate program provides an opportunity for ongoing professional development as well as a framework for the Written and Viva Voce components of the Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Piano Pedagogy Certificate offered by Royal Conservatory Examinations. Each class will include lectures, teaching demonstrations, and hands-on participation. Participants will have the opportunity to observe lessons given to an elementary student at specific points in the term, and to develop confidence through team and supervised teaching. Not available in 2015-16.